This episode of 99 Coins we're joined by Giant Bomb's Patrick Klepek, Strongman Games' Erlend Grefsrud and freelance writer Cara Ellison (who we're very glad to have joining the podcast team)

The beginning of the year sees the Games Developer Conference, Indie Games Festival and PAX East take place. It's a busy time for the games industry and indie games continue to steal the spotlight. Cara was brave enough to take the Travel Mic over to San Francisco for GDC, and this week we'll hear her interview with Tim Rogers as he talks about his move from writing about games to making them.

Patrick tells us about the accidental beginnings of the MolyJam, a game jam based on the tweets of the Peter Molyneux parody twitter account @molydeux, and Erlend weighs in on the hows and whys of developing games.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Patrick's closing question - how do you feel about the term 'indie'. Does it lower expectations, is it disingenuous and too broad a term? Is there another term we should be using?

Let us know via @99 Coins or email and we'll read through your responses in the next episode.

Patrick Klepek - Senior News Editor, Giant Bomb - @patrickklepek
Erlend Grefsrud - Co-Founder, Strongman Games - @slaktus

99 Coins Team:
Ben Milsom – Host - @benmilsom
Max Engel – Host - @8bitkid
Cara Ellison - Producer/Reporter - @carachan1
Mark Shaw – Producer/Editor - @marky

Games & Links:
Dear Esther
Tim Rogers
Hookshot Inc

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